Pediatric Speech and Language Private Practice

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Our Mission


-Build foundational and functional language skills.

-Encourage social skills during interaction with peers.

-Target individualized goals through play & structured activities.

Preschool Daycare

Our Vision

To build speech and language skills in children while supporting the entire family unit. Through our fun speech therapy sessions, social skills language groups and parent training/coaching, we believe we are building long lasting skills in each family.


We work with children birth-18 yrs

Free Screenings


We partner with local daycares/ childcare centers and private schools to provide free screenings.


In -Person

A comprehensive evaluation using formal and informal measures to gather information about your child's abilities, strengths, and challenges. Based on the information we gather, we will develop an individualized plan of care that supports the child and the family.

Individual Sessions

In -Person


We target your child's speech and language goals in a fun and convenient way. We provide strategies and activities to support carryover outside of therapy.

Consultations/Parent coaching

In -Person


Provides coaching and training for parents/ caregivers on strategies and techniques to facilitate speech and language development.

The Groups

8 Week Session    

Sessions are on Saturdays

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The Nest

1-2 year old

This involves both parent/caregiver and the child with a focus on play, music and movement, story time and parent training to build language in everyday routines.

*This is 1.5 hour session

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The Wonderers

3-4 years

This is a structured environment where your child builds language skills with peers during play, music & movement, story time, and activities.

*This is a 2 hour session

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The Explorers

4-5 years

This is a structured environment where your child builds language skills with peers during play, music & movement, story time, and activities.

*This is a 2 hour session

Next session: Coming soon

Next session: May 21st-July 9th


Next session: May 21st-July 9th


We work on:

Receptive Language



-Following directions

Expressive Language






-Responding to


Social Language



-Joint attention


Meet the Founder

Yemi Idowu


Yemi is the founder of Language Building Blocks LLC. She is a licensed and certified speech language pathologist with a focus in early intervention. Yemi loves working in early intervention because she gets to work with the entire family unit. As a mother of a neurodiversity child on the spectrum, she is familiar with the overwhelming feeling that come with trying to find the right supports and professionals to support your child.

While working in early intervention, several families expressed the lack of opportunities for their child to socialize with other peers. That eventually lead to the birth of Language Building Blocks LLC. The hope is to provide a place where children can build their social skills and speech and language skills. It is also a place where parent/caregivers receive support through parent training and parent coaching.


We currently only accept private pay


No jumping through insurance hoops

No waiting for authorizations.

Ease of payments

No deductibles to meet


We provide superbills that can be submitted to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

It is the client's/ client's parent and/or caregiver's responsibility to check and verify their insurance policy and coverage.

Note that a superbill does not guarantee reimbursement.

Currently Serving:

Howard county

Baltimore county

Baltimore city

within 30miles radius

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